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The keys to grow your money fast and keep it safe in your 401k & IRA.

Simple Is Powerful

"Out of clutter, find simplicity." Albert Einstein


In the information age there it a ton of good and great material out there, especially when it comes to the financial and investing world, granted there is some bad information as well. However, too much information can be worse, and often is worse, than bad information.    So in the age of Google and endless information what should you do to improve your investments?



Taking point from Einstein, a pretty smart guy, our goal at Protect Your Eggs is to simplify the investing world and give you a powerful and simple system to help you manage your investments. Note ~ unless you are paying for a money manager  no one is managing your money! (money managers are expensive and you have to have a lot of money)

Grow your money faster & keep it safer!

This is the goal of every investor; to have more money and not to lose it. It does not matter if you are just getting started or you have already retired, we all want the same thing; more money.

Grow Your Money

We know 80% of mutual funds underperform the market, makes one wonder if the diversification they offer is worth the fees? So Protect Your Eggs will help you find the magical 20% that match and beat the market.

Protect Your Money

Risk tolerance is not risk management and there are times when the investing world simply is not safe!

Buy and hold says that because you have your seat belt on its okay to drive into a 15 car pile up without stepping on the brake, but you would avoid it if someone informed you that a crash was ahead. You might even get completely off the road if you knew it was so dangerous.   Why drive into an accident? Don't be in harms way when the light goes REDSimple enough.

Market Safety Evaluation, we provide to our members, gives a heads up on Market conditions with three simple indicators; Safe, Caution, and Dangerous, helping you to protect your money! Saving your money from a market crash can your purchasing power. Meaning you have a tremendous advantage that once a crash is over you are able to get back in at a discount and in safe condition. This can be done in a 401(k), IRA, Roth or any other investment account, including a Thrift Saving Account for government employees.

Remove the clutter of the financial world and focus on the simple; the safety of your investments!

The truth is that if you don't manage your 401(k) no one will, likewise unless you are paying for a money manager no one is managing your IRA!

Check out the Market Safety video to see how the system works!

We invite you to put the power of the simple to work for you today by becoming a Protect Your Eggs member!

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