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The keys to grow your money fast and keep it safe in your 401k & IRA.


More Money is Better!

money growthYou want more money! We are going to help you get it! And we help you protect it!

You are a part of the over 60 million American’s contributing to their 401k and other investment accounts that receive little to no help.  The help you do get, just buy and hope that your money will grow.  This is an investment strategy that is well over 50 years old, and the investment world has changed greatly in that span of time.

Protect Your Eggs is designed to help you get the most out of your 401k, IRA or other investment accounts. It is your money, your future, and no one cares more about it than you.

The PYE system is designed to be so user-friendly

that anyone can do it.

We have two goals for our members:

Help you grow your money as effectively as possible


Protect that money, your money, so you don't lose it!

We invite you to watch our introductory videos and see if this service is right for you:

'About PYE' will give you an overview

'Market Safety' will explain your risk management strategy

'More Money' will show you the power of a Market Safety Strategy

The Average Joe-Jane will lay out some of the responsibilities of a PYE member

We welcome you to become a

member today.

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